1,200 young people will be trained in digital financial literacy across 12 border points

The Parliamentary Forum for Work, Decent Employment and Productivity (UPFLDP) aims to train 1200 young people at 12 border posts in different digital financial literacy disciplines.

This was revealed by Joshua Laban Musinguzi, the UPFLDP Coordinator during the launch of the stakeholder engagement of the 12 border points at the Katuna border in Kabale district on Thursday.

Some of the targeted border points include; Kyanika, Mutukula, Vuura, Elegu, Busia, Malaba, Mpondwe and Lwakhakha.

“We aim to train at least 100 young people at each border point in digital financial literacy to help them support themselves through the creation of their own jobs,” Musinguzi said.

The ongoing campaign, he said, will also ensure migration management, promote international cooperation and address migration issues.

“We are visiting 12 border points, where we plan to have high level engagements with stakeholders and the community at selected border points. we started this program in Katuna where we had the participation of various MDAs including border control agencies,” he added.

In Katuna, the first meeting brought together several delegates, including; District Council Leadership, District Security Council Representatives, Border Control Agencies, District Youth Leadership, District Women’s Leadership, and Disability Leadership.

“This was done following growing concerns about the status of migration at the border. Strategic discussions took place and resulted in various resolutions, including the establishment of a district committee to streamline labor gaps, decent work and productivity identified by local leaders We talked about the various issues affecting work, employment and productivity with a focus on the issue of migration because we understand that there are many of migration that is happening at these border points,” he said.

According to Musinguzi, the meetings focused on the issue of safe labor migration, elimination of child labor and also detailed local views on different policies and guidelines regarding labor development. labor sector.