What is a financial plan? A financial plan is a document that contains a person’s current financial situation and long-term monetary goals, along with strategies for achieving those goals. A financial plan begins with a thorough assessment of a person’s current financial situation and future expectations and can be createdRead More →

Financial plans vs financial forecasts: an overview A financial forecast is an estimate, or projection, of likely future income or income and expenses, while a financial plan sets out the steps necessary to generate future income and cover future expenses. Alternatively, a financial plan can be thought of as whatRead More →

Are you financially secure? Almost all of the research conducted on the subject in recent years shows that most individuals are unable to demonstrate their financial security; especially in their retirement years. This only underscores the fact that achieving financial security is a difficult process that requires careful planning andRead More →

What it means to be financially secure can mean something different to everyone. But that should include being able to meet your current and future needs, while protecting yourself against major financial disaster. And as such, there are three main areas you can focus on if you want a secureRead More →