If you’ve told friends about their “investment men” or stayed on top of market news, you’ve probably realized that not all finance professionals are created equal. The services we provide – and the way we go about helping you achieve your goals – can vary widely. From my experience, itRead More →

Author’s note: After many years of editing by Kiplinger magazine, my colleagues and I have built a deep institutional memory of personal finance wisdom, and I’d like to share some of it with you. The advice below first appeared on the magazine’s 50th anniversary in 1997 and, in slightly revisedRead More →

If you’re worried that you haven’t done the right thing to plan for your financial future, you’re not alone. Fifty-eight percent of Americans say their financial planning needs improvement, and 34 percent have done nothing to plan for their financial future, according to a study by Northwestern Mutual. The studyRead More →

In an industry filled with professionals who call themselves “planners” and with baby boomers reaching retirement in droves, it’s remarkable that customers can still go home without a comprehensive retirement plan. You know, a tangible record that clearly identifies your goals and the steps needed to achieve them. One map,Read More →