In recent years, many more Indians have started investing in mutual funds and campaigns like “sahi hain ‘mutual funds clicked. Lagging, stock purchases have also increased, thanks to the emergence of new technology-driven equity investment platforms. But, do Indians plan enough for their retirement? Not enough. More than half ofRead More →

Retirement is seen by Indians as an important but distant prospect. Instead, Indians give priority to nearer contingencies like illness or accidents. Today, Indians save and invest less and focus more on current spending than planning for the future. Retirement planning, in fact, comes low on their priority list andRead More →

Virojt Changyencham | time | Getty Images As of mid-September, 26.5 million Americans were receiving some form of unemployment assistance. Many families and individuals have been forced to deal with unforeseen health costs and uncertain education and childcare situations in their communities. Many Americans face a serious threat of financialRead More →