49ers EDU curriculum expands to include financial literacy and high school students

The 49ers Foundation is partnering with two companies to extend its educational programs to local youth. This year, students will learn financial literacy through a new partnership between 49ers EDU and Stash. 49ers EDU will work with Stash to create financial literacy videos for students. The videos will meet current state education standards.

“[We’re] really put the emphasis on decision making in these videos, when it comes to money, and make it something relevant to students not only as an important concept for life and a life skill, but in about the football experience, like coming to a game and planning and really what they do in their life and how these two relate, ”said Sofy Navarro, senior manager at 49ers EDU.

49ers EDU has also partnered with SAP to adapt its educational offerings at the secondary level. Currently, the 49ers EDU program only works with students in Kindergarten to Grade 8.


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The new Executive Huddle program is specially designed for older students. The program includes a tour of the Executive Huddle Suite at Levi’s Stadium, where students will see how science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) impact stadium operations on match day.

“We are excited to take advantage of our technology and our Executive Huddle space in the stadium. It’s an amazing program and sequel that SAP and the 49ers have really put together. We have integrated real-time feedback into the stadium for customer service and user experience, ”said Navarro.

“It’s a very interesting subject for the students because you bring math; you’re bringing in data science or computational thinking, ”Navarro continued. “Then you also bring this idea of ​​operations. So stadium operations are an integral part of our footballing family because without them there is nothing we can do. The [are] so many different layers to it.

Prior to the COVID-19 shutdown, the 49ers EDU program included visits to Levi’s Stadium by most of the participating students. When Santa Clara County’s COVID restrictions ease, the 49ers Foundation hopes to resume these in-person visits to the stadium.

Until then, 49ers EDU programs are run with virtually everyone from the 49ers EDU team to the 49ers coaching staff to the players involved in the program.

The 49ers EDU program was designed to teach students that you don’t have to be good at football to be on the team. Through the program, students learn how STEM topics impact all aspects of a soccer match and what happens in the stadium.

The 49ers EDU team works closely with an advisory board of education partners to ensure the curriculum is aligned with the state’s common core and next-generation science standards.