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Anchorage School District Emphasizes Teaching Financial Literacy to Students in the Classroom

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) – The Anchorage School District is pushing for more students to learn about financial literacy in the classroom before graduating.

During the goal-monitoring portion of Tuesday night’s Anchorage School Board meeting, Superintendent Deena Bishop presented a financial literacy update for the district’s existing economics classes.

Even though the district offers a financial literacy math course for students, it is considered an elective, while economics courses are required for graduation.

“The economics course covers financial literacy, but not in depth enough to meet the standards we’ve added to this financial literacy update,” Bishop said at the meeting. “These six things are earning income, spending, saving, investing, managing credit, and managing risk.”

Bishop added that the literacy update would align their economic classes with the national standard for personal financial literacy.

The district has a group of teachers reviewing academic plans for the literacy update, and this fall those plans are expected to be revised based on feedback. The district calendar indicates that teacher training will take place in November during a development day and will be launched throughout the district in January 2023.

“The teachers who work there are crafting them in a way that specifically financial literacy standards are taught in the economics class, not just addressed,” Bishop said.

The school board took action at Tuesday night’s meeting and unanimously approved the adoption of the English arts literacy program for grades 9 and 10 students.

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