Andrew Neil halts Rishi Sunak’s UK financial plan pointing out flaws | Politics | News

The Scottish journalist and broadcaster told radio host Nick Ferrari that Mr Sunak’s financial plan was all over the place. Due to the 1.25% increase in National Insurance, as well as the rising cost of living in the UK, many Britons have hit the government as they now face poverty , due to the increase in outgoing monthly payments, but their wage income remaining the same. Andrew Neil went on to explain how the National Insurance increase has been put in place so taxed funds can all go to the NHS and social care sector.

Mr Ferrari said: ‘What do you think of the Chancellor’s take on your view?

Mr Neil said: “Well I think he’s all over the place, I mean let’s get it right!

“So National Insurance was to increase by 1.25% for workers and employees to raise 12 billion to go to the NHS and social care.

“But yesterday he said he was raising the National Insurance threshold, so you don’t start paying it until you start paying it as well, in income tax.

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Mr Neil added: “It cost 6b so it’s supposed to be mortgaged, to use a fancy term or dedicated 12b for the NHS.

“Is now cut from 6b since raising the payout threshold.

“Then he will reduce income tax, which will also cost an additional 4-5 billion.

“So what was supposed to be a dedicated jar for the NHS suddenly evaporated before our eyes.

Ms Thewliss said: “The measures put in place only help working people.

“Benefits just don’t go far enough because they don’t keep pace with inflation and a social protection cap that punishes people for their situation.

“Gone is the triple lockdown and nothing for WASPI women outside, yet campaigning today.

“Always losing what should have been rightfully theirs.”