Opinions expressed by Contractor the contributors are theirs. You are reading Entrepreneur India, an international Entrepreneur Media franchise. It is often said that failure to plan is to plan to fail. These words couldn’t have been truer when it comes to saving and investing. Today income generation is happening, butRead More →

A financial plan with all your long and short term financial goals is essential for a financially secure future. However, because life is uncertain, your financial plan can be negatively affected by several events beyond your control. Due to these unexpected circumstances, having a flexible financial plan is of utmostRead More →

There are many financial milestones in life – buying a car, paying for an education, saving for a house. But when it comes to retirement, a third of Americans have nothing saved for their after-work years. It depends Market weekend guest, Robert Reynolds, President and CEO of Putnam Investments. HeRead More →

Planning for retirement is difficult, in part because it means having difficult conversations. Whether you’re in a relationship or planning for retirement as a single person, there are resources to help you get started. WASHINGTON – Many couples know how difficult planning for retirement can be. Some partners disengage, notRead More →

What is a financial plan? A financial plan is a document that contains a person’s current financial situation and long-term monetary goals, along with strategies for achieving those goals. A financial plan begins with a thorough assessment of a person’s current financial situation and future expectations and can be createdRead More →

Financial plans vs financial forecasts: an overview A financial forecast is an estimate, or projection, of likely future income or income and expenses, while a financial plan sets out the steps necessary to generate future income and cover future expenses. Alternatively, a financial plan can be thought of as whatRead More →