CSR: 1.25 lakh young people benefit from Vodafone’s financial education program

Vodafone Idea Foundation’s financial education program ‘JaaduGinniKa’ has enabled CSC village-level entrepreneur Gokul Chand Saini to educate over 1.25 lakh youths in Alwar district, Rajasthan.

In the past seven years of his journey as a VLE, ​​Saini, through Vodafone Idea’s “JaaduGinniKa” program, has focused on financial literacy and raised awareness of the need for money management.

‘JaaduGinniKa’, which is implemented in partnership with an NGO, educates people on basic financial concepts such as investments, financial planning, digital financial tools, etc.

The content offered is based on a simple storytelling format and features engaging games and quizzes.

According to Saini, the ‘JaaduGinniKa’ scheme has contributed to the empowerment of women as more than 5220 women from nearby villages have come together and formed a self-help group and have savings of about four crores.

The digital financial education project gained momentum when it was selected to operate the technology-equipped mobile van recently launched by the Vodafone Idea Foundation, as part of its ‘JaaduGinniKa’ programme.

The mobile van is equipped with laptops, an LCD screen, speakers and a generator. It enables Saini to communicate the message of financial literacy to remote villages using audio and visual content. The mobile van doubles as a classroom, as villagers are encouraged to come in and use the laptops to attempt engaging financial literacy quizzes.

The “JaaduGinniKa” program has enabled Saini to visit over 148 villages and educate over 1.25 lakh young people on financial literacy.

He has also trained more than 140 women and empowered them with financial literacy. Today, these women are VLEs themselves and help villagers open zero-balance bank accounts and apply for insurance and investments.