Financial Literacy Lesson for Orchids Students

Bengaluru: Orchids – The International School (OIS), has introduced a Financial Education Program (FLP) for its students which is probably the first of its kind in India. OIS has always been at the forefront of new-age learning techniques. Continuing its legacy, they recently introduced a professionally designed program called “Financial Literacy” to familiarize students with the world of finance and its nuances. The program is designed by academics and industry experts and will be taught from grades 1 to 10 across all of its 60 branches spread across 10 cities in India.

While discussing the program, Shubham Chauhan, Academic Director – Research and Development, Orchids – The International School, said, “Today, financial literacy is an essential skill rather than an option. At Orchids, we believe that we should introduce various essential aspects of financial management to our children at the very beginning of their lives, so that they become the financially educated and responsible citizens of tomorrow.

Furthermore, the traditional method of learning is outdated and it is imperative that our future generation understand the details of the rapidly changing economic landscape of the world. We are confident that a financial planning course as part of their degree program will build their confidence and understanding of the various financial products available on the market.” Students will attend one time per week where they will learn how to manage finances banking processes, different types of savings options, etc. The best part of this program will be the hands-on experience that students will receive as they will have the opportunity to visit financial institutes to get hands-on experience of Implementing financial literacy early in life will equip them to manage critical financial processes as such circumstances arise in their lives.