Financial Literacy Plan for Teachers and Learners

THE Department of Education (DepEd), in partnership with Rizal Commercial Banking Corp. (RCBC), launched “DiskarTech-Aralin sa Madiskarteng Pananalapi”, a financial literacy program for secondary school teachers and learners.

Financial literacy is included in DepEd’s initiative to include financial lessons in its K-12 curriculum.

The DiskarTech program digitizes the concept of alkansya (savings), paluwagan (savings and rotating loan), seguro (insurance) and bayad (payments). It aims to promote financial stewardship practices among teachers and parents by allowing learners to experience building financial education milestones throughout the curriculum.

Outgoing Education Secretary Leonor Briones. Picture File

Outgoing Education Secretary Leonor Briones stressed the importance of financial literacy in preparing learners for their future.

“Financial literacy is very important not only for our teachers, but also for learners. We all have crucial financial decisions that can have significant consequences in our lives. As our children grow up with their responsibilities, they should have the knowledge to make sound financial decisions,” she said.

RCBC President and CEO Eugene Acevedo hopes that with the Diskartech mobile app, learners will be better prepared to manage their finances.

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“Whatever you do, whatever you want to study, just make sure your digital skills are developed. You can become a digital lawyer, a digital doctor, you can become anything. One of the best things to prepare is to go through this mobile. So I encourage you to download the mobile app and learn these things that can help you become a more responsible adult,” he said.

DepEd and RCBC also delivered Aralin sa Madiskarteng Pananalapi’s coffee table book and other classroom materials to external partnership focal points from various DepEd National Capital Region (NCR) and Region 4A division offices ( Calabarzon), where the DiskarTech program will be piloted. prior to nationwide implementation.

Undersecretary of Education for External Partnerships Tonisito Umali said these types of programs will provide Filipinos with relevant, responsive and inclusive financial services.

He added that this experience would show attendees how technology could be used to secure finances and save for important and unforeseen events.

DiskarTech Bootcamp and Competition – a virtual webinar and business case competition open to all high school students in the NCR and Calabarzon – has also been launched to serve as an extension and application program for the module “DiskarTech Aralin sa Madiskarteng Pananalapi Financial Education”.