Financial Literacy Program Receives First Citizens Community Bank Scholarship

A year after its launch, the Financial Literacy Certificate program at Idaho State University College of Business has just received its first corporate scholarship thanks to support from Citizens Community Bank, a division of Glacier Bank.

The Citizens Community Bank Financial Literacy Scholarship Endowment aims to support the education of students in financial need who may not have been able to afford their education without assistance. The scholarship is also open to any student in the state of Idaho pursuing the certificate.

“Citizens Community Bank, a division of Glacier Bank, has always believed in giving back to the community, but also to those in financial difficulty,” said President and CEO Amy Rhoads.

Through the Financial Literacy Program, the College of Business has developed a community and student-driven platform that strives to provide a resource for greater financial success accessible to all. The program not only offers a certificate in financial literacy for students in the state of Idaho, but has also partnered with the university’s continuing education and workforce training department to offer the certificate to the public. Anyone can also listen to the Bengal Financial Literacy radio show which airs once a month on KISU-FM 91.

“It is important to support students pursuing the certificate because financial literacy is the key to helping them understand their finances,” said Rhoads, “But we also want students to think critically about what happens when are they taking out student loans that they don’t really need? What happens when they graduate with debt and will they earn enough to make those payments? We want everyone to be successful after they graduate and find a job, but not be hampered by debt overload. “

Rhoads said it’s important for Citizens Community Bank, a division of Glacier Bank, to help guide our younger generations to a prosperous financial future and that supporting a program like this through scholarships is a great way. to alleviate this financial burden and encourage mastery of personal finances. . “We hope that [students pursuing the Certificate] will not only be able to build a savings nest, but also to discern between wants and needs in life and not to live from paycheck to paycheck. The greatest financial education that can be provided is helpful regardless of your age. As bankers, we always want to be a resource to build their future.

“In the banking industry, our job is to educate clients on how to manage their finances when they ask for it,” Rhoads said. “We believe in helping people grow so they can be successful in their future. We believe in helping businesses grow by lending money to start a new business or acquire a new business, but it must start with a plan and a budget and if you don’t have one either, it can always happen, but it will take longer to make this dream come true.

“Thanks to Citizens Community Bank, a division of Glacier Bank for creating this permanently endowed scholarship and for supporting our financial literacy program at Idaho State College of Business,” said the Dean of the College of Business. , Dr. Shane Hunt. “Investments like this one from The Citizens Community Bank will help us improve the financial literacy of our students, which in turn will help our economy for generations to come.” “