Finkeyz, India’s leading financial education platform for school and college students, aims to foster a financially enabled world

Mumbai: – Most adults invariably regret one thing in life – starting late in their financial journeys.

Finkeyz, headquartered in Mumbai, is a start-up that aims to end this and bring about a step change in the lives of young Indians by filling the critical gap in financial literacy. The company believes that financial education is one of the keys to a better life.

Founded by IIM Ahmedabad alumnus Pratik Shah, Finkeyz aims to create a financially conscious world with FinSmart, its unique financial education and empowerment program for children and young adults.

“As parents, we empower our children and make them responsible for their school education and other activities. But we somehow fail to empower our children to do finances, a skill that will play an important role in their lives. Finkeyz took over this role. We educate younger generations about finance and also initiate them on their journey,” says Pratik Shah, Founder of Finkeyz.

Finkeyz financial literacy course for school and college students is designed and advised by the alumni of prestigious institutions such as IIM-A, IIM-C, National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), Goldman Sachs and Tata Class Edge, to name a few. .

To provide effective financial education, the financial edtech company has formulated a curriculum based on discussion and conversation, supported by family-oriented projects so that the student gains a practical understanding of key financial concepts and their applications. real.

Shah says, “Let’s face it, learning finance through videos is tedious. To foster interaction and adaptive learning, we have consciously opted for live lessons taught by qualified instructors. The program encourages students to think, question, ponder and engage as teachers expose them to different financial concepts. Additionally, our empowerment program ensures that students continue to apply their knowledge in the practical world. »

As Finkeyz launched FinSmart, its flagship financial education program in India, the company plans to go global and aims to become the largest and most trusted financial education and empowerment program for children and young people. adults in the world.

Finkeyz is a seeded start-up that is not funded by any external investors.