Free financial literacy program planned by Douglas Board, West Georgia

DOUGLASVILLE, GA – Area residents will now have access to free online resources to help them manage their money, thanks to a unique partnership between Western Georgia University and Douglas County.

The program – officially called “Fundamentals of Financial and Entrepreneurial Recovery” – was announced at the April 19 meeting of the Douglas County Board of Commissioners.

“I have long advocated providing our residents with not only the means to achieve tax success, but also the knowledge to achieve financial freedom,” said County Vice Chairman Kelly Robinson, who had the idea. “This program will do both and is a dream come true.”

Residents will have access to the free program through a series of personalized short online videos that provide a gateway to more online learning opportunities with the university. Those who complete the program will qualify for a certificate of completion, as well as options for continuing education credits or course credits.

Kim Holder, director of West Georgia’s Center for Economic Education & Financial Literacy, told the county council at its April 19 meeting that the program could change the lives of Douglas County residents.

“It’s important because just as there is a cycle of poverty, cycles of wealth also exist,” Holder said.

The council plans an official launch of the project, funded by the federal CARES Act, in May. Residents of Douglas County will access the program by visiting a personalized webpage on the county’s website.