His goal is to improve the financial situation of his client

Marilyn Goree Butler, Owner of Preferred Mortgage and Tax Service | Barbara bal

WINNSBORO – After 30 years in the mortgage and tax industry, Marilyn Goree Butler says her vocation is still: helping people improve their financial situation.

Butler is the owner of Preferred Mortgage and Tax Service, a Winnsboro-based company that helps residents of Fairfield County and across South Carolina get mortgages and prepare their income taxes.

“We start by getting them pre-approved to buy or refinance homes. We take care of everything from start to finish, from handling the paperwork to the closing table, ”says Butler.

“I work with borrowers who have A + credit to borrowers who need help with credit management, so it’s not like I’m only working with higher credit scores; I also work with borrowers who may have credit problems, ”she says.

“Everyone’s situation is different, so there is no one product for everyone. I talk to the person, find out the situation and place them where they can get the best deal.

As a mortgage broker, Butler serves as the liaison between the borrower and the lender, she says. And it’s also open year round to help with taxes and accounting for individuals and small businesses.

Originally from Fairfield County, she says she has been interested in finance since high school, when she worked as a school bus driver and helped other drivers with their taxes. She then attended college and obtained a Bachelor of Finance degree from Winthrop University in 1990.

After gaining some experience in the financial industry, she opened her office in 1996 in downtown Winnsboro. Seven years ago, it opened a second location in Summerville, staffed by its own employees.

Her plan, she says, is to continue to expand in the years to come to offer service to more of the state, especially in communities where having a local mortgage broker can help. people accessing loans and home ownership and where there is a need for local tax preparation services. .

“I feel my calling is to help people with their financial situation, whether they are young or old,” Butler says. “I am gratified to help a single mom achieve her goal of owning a home or helping a new couple home ownership. “

Butler lives with her husband, Greg, and they have four grown children: Gregory, Rickey, Jasmine and Jourdan. She is a member of the Winnsboro Rotary Club, the Fairfield County Chamber of Commerce, and a life member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

Preferred Mortgage and Tax Service is located at 122 South Congress Street in downtown Winnsboro and is open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, year-round. Butler can be contacted at (803) 635-9142, and more information can be found online at www.pmtfinancial.com.