How the yellow card bridges the financial literacy gap in Ghana

As the world moves towards a more digital economy, there is a growing need to close the gaps in financial literacy, especially among us Ghanaians.

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Over the past decade, digital currencies have become one of the biggest financial revolutions worldwide. It disrupted what we now call money and calls for quick action for financial literacy.

Yellow Card bridges financial literacy gap in Ghana Credit: Yellow Card
Source: UGC

Crypto adoption in Ghana

According to Finder, Ghana has one of the fastest adoption indices for cryptocurrency across the globe with over 50% of its population owning Bitcoin.

While this is impressive, there is a lot to do as many do not understand the technology behind this cryptocurrency.

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Barely 10% of those who own bitcoin can truly explain how and where bitcoin is or is not a store of value. This is why Yellow Card’s incredible work to ensure financial inclusion in Africa is highly commended. Financial literacy is important for all societies, especially here in Ghana.

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Presentation of the Yellow Card Academy

The Yellow Card Academy is your one-stop knowledge bank for financial education in Africa. Dubbed the Financial Inclusion Hub for Africa, Yellow Card provides financial literacy by offering quality guides to traditional and new age finance.

Yellow Card has something for everyone, whether you are a beginner or an expert. New era financial topics such as investing, budgeting, financial planning, investment due diligence, bitcoin, ethereum, blockchain and general industry updates.

If you are to maximize the new era of financial revolution, financial literacy and technological interaction are necessary. With just a mobile phone, Yellow Card allows you to buy bitcoins in Ghana in seconds.

It offers everyone in Ghana and across Africa an opportunity to gain financial awareness and global inclusion.

Road to Financial Literacy in Ghana

The path to financial literacy is never easy. However, financial literacy remains the key to human and systemic development.

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They say money makes things happen and that’s why Yellow Card’s vision of financial inclusion through financial literacy is unique and groundbreaking.

Ghana has also been one of the countries that has taken steps to ensure financial literacy. Recently, it offered its own Central Bank digital currency, CBDC token labeled E-cedi through Bank Of Ghana.

This is strategic for the new era of the cryptocurrency financial revolution. Yellow Card is also home to secure trade and exchange of various cryptocurrencies and will continue its journey of financial education for all.