Is it a MUST in your twenties?

I’m sorry, but I’m not ready to do that. It’s not because I’m busy living like Paris Hilton. Unfortunately, I still pay rent downtown and don’t earn a huge salary. I still have to make practical choices based on my day-to-day income, but I’m not ready to rein in my spending. Honestly, I understand that life is not guaranteed. You could do all the right things in your 20s only to die in your 30s and never reap the rewards of your hard work. I know it’s pessimistic and unlikely, but I really believe in enjoying the moment.

I grew up with a relative who suffers from a chronic, sometimes catastrophic illness. Life can be perfect one day and absolute shit the next. Living in the moment was the only way to survive. Not in a crazy, hedonistic way, but with an ability to cherish the present and understand that life really is “what happens when you’re busy making other plans.” I can see the big picture, but I also dedicate myself to appreciating the smaller images that can create happiness and joy.

I love having cocktails with my girlfriend, my bought coffee in the morning is the highlight of my day and the thought of traveling after two years of pandemic is frankly soul-soothing. I also like to buy gifts for people I love, decide on a random Tuesday to have ramen with a friend and buy a new lipstick to boost my day. I know I’m supposed to save, save and sacrifice, buy a house and work for my future, but I feel like I’m neglecting the present if I do.

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The now is so important to me. I understand the opposite point of view. Is giving a few things to own a house worth it? But I would say that devalues ​​how much these things mean to me. Buying an outfit makes me feel good, fabulous and confident. Going out to dinner with my friends fills my cup and refreshes me, and you’ll have to get the avocado and toast out of my cold dead hands – I love delicious snacks!

Now, it’s not a shadow of the people who made those sacrifices; good game ! But I also don’t think I should be judged or ashamed for deciding that’s not how I want to spend or use my money. I want to enjoy my 20s to the fullest, and part of that pleasure for me is going out, buying things, and yes, still drinking my coffee. I don’t want to skimp, economize and sacrifice. I want to drink, party and look fabulous.

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