Lake County Students Invited to Free Presentation on Financial Literacy

Lake County Auditor Christopher Galloway and Treasurer Michael Zuren will give a free presentation on financial literacy – one course designed for elementary school students and the other course for middle and high school students.

Elementary students are invited to one, which will take place from 3 to 4 p.m., August 3, at the Lake County Administration Building, 71 N. Park Place in Painesville. Middle and high school students can attend the class, which will be held from 6 to 7 p.m., September 8, at the Willowick Public Library, 263 E 305th St.

In these interactive sessions, participants can learn how to make smart financial decisions, create a budget, develop stable saving and spending habits, link academic success to professional and personal success, and plan for the future. , according to a press release.

In a previous lesson for middle and high school students, each student created a budget based on a defined career detailing the realistic expenses they will have as adults. Many students in this age group have just started their first part-time job and have been surprised at the tax deductions on their earnings, the statement said.

This course will help them understand their new responsibilities and the basics necessary for a successful transition to adulthood, the statement said.

The lesson for elementary school students will focus on basic saving and budgeting skills and will conclude with an interactive activity aimed at this age group.

Call Assistant Treasurer Sherri Falkenberg at 440-350-2540 to register. The Financial Literacy course is a partnership between Galloway and Zuren.