Latvian Central Bank Creates Coin Dedicated to Financial Literacy / Article

This time, the coin will be a 2 euro commemorative coin dedicated to financial literacy and released on Tuesday, April 12.

“The coin presents a tree of prosperity that can blossom for everyone if planted in the soil of financial literacy,” the central bank said.

“Why are we talking about financial literacy? Because a wealthy person is not one who has a lot of material possessions, but one who is competent, who is able to plan how to fill the barn with the little he has, who is able to use his own resources even when others have more. Because making good use of your mind reaps a great harvest,” the central bank explains.

“Since ancient times, the experience of a peasant, his ability to look to the future and to think for himself have underpinned the will and ability of our people to establish and shape the Latvian state Today we need to separate not only rye and wheat, but also other ‘grain’ from the chaff”, says the guardian of the national currency.

“How to avoid confusion in this beautiful world full of temptations? Each choice leads to the next. Choices like branches intertwine on the decision tree whose roots skillfully choose the right path. The ability to make decisions about the management of money and time, as well as the ability to cultivate one’s mind is not new.A peasant has been doing this for centuries by always setting aside seeds to weigh his harvest again next fall. “This piece glows in your hand as you move it. Along the same lines, the mind also needs exercise to become more dexterous and more brilliant.”

Anyone who succumbs to the temptation to buy one of the coins will find that the price of the coin in gift packaging is 8.80 euros. The limit per purchase has been set at 5 pieces in gift wrap and 1 roll.

Please note that the above coins in gift wrap and circulation coin rolls (25 coins per roll) will only be available through the website, starting at 12:00 p.m. on April 12. Mail delivery (only in the territory of Latvia) or personal pick-up at the cashier’s offices of Latvijas Banka in K.Valdemāra iela 1B, Riga is possible.

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