Maharashtra cane farmers demanded to know about the mills’ financial situation

Maharashtra’s sugar commissioner has asked farmers in the state to know the financial situation of factories before supplying them with sugar cane.

In an official note to farmers, Commissioner Shekhar Gaikwad provided details on the ability of factories to pay in full and on time the Fair and Remunerative Price (FRP) set for cane by the Center.

False promises

Maharashtra factories will start crushing operations on October 15 and the sugar commissioner’s note says that during the current crushing season ending September 30, some factories have paid the full FRP within the deadline. , while others have not paid the amount despite the expiration of the deadline.

Gaikwad said farmers repeatedly complained to the government and his office about not receiving the FRP payment, or a lower payment or a delayed payment.

The sugar commissioner added that some of the main complaints about the factories include luring farmers into promising them higher payments than the FRP and then refusing to keep the promise. Some mills refuse to crush the cane, while others only pay part of the FRP at the start of the season and keep contributions on hold. “Some reprehensible ways like paying a high amount than the FRP to selected farmers (to entice other farmers to supply their cane to the factory) and then deceive others have been noticed. Various organizations come up with morchas, hunger strikes and dharnas in this regard ”.

The sugar commissioner’s office took action against absenteeism factories by slapping them with an RRC notice, he said.