Midland HES launches program that teaches financial literacy through games

Midland’s HES has launched Right On the Money, which it says is the first game-based employee financial literacy program in the industry. // Image bank

HES, a Midland-based wellness company specializing in web and mobile employee wellness solutions, has launched Right On the Money, which it claims is the first employee financial literacy program based on the game in the industry.

The program is designed to take the daunting subject of financial education and make it fun. Players immerse themselves in an interactive game on their desktop or mobile device while gaining greater knowledge of personal finance, while gaining confidence in their ability to make smart financial decisions.

“Our research shows that employees are sometimes afraid of this topic, and many are embarrassed by what they don’t know. So we’ve created a non-threatening way to learn and take action for a healthy financial future,” says Dean Witherspoon, CEO and Founder of HES. “There is more anxiety than ever about money matters, making this a great time to gain knowledge and inspire confidence.”

In its two parts – the Money Round and the Double Your Money Round – players earn virtual dollars by creating a personalized game board based on their life stage and priorities. With 18 financial wellness topics that include budgeting, college funding, the role of financial advisors, saving for retirement, and debt reduction, players select the categories most important to them.

It’s designed for employees of all ages, income levels, and backgrounds to learn at a pace that suits them, making the game accessible to new hires, laying the foundation for a secure future, with workers approaching retirement.

To enhance the gaming experience, social components include teams, friends, an interactive message board, and in-app messaging to boost engagement. “Playing the game with colleagues creates a connection that goes beyond learning; it creates camaraderie,” Witherspoon says.

HR, benefits and employee wellbeing managers can learn more about Right On the Money during a 4-day trial starting Monday, June 20.

To watch a short video about the program, click here.