New Monopoly Summer Camp Brings Financial Literacy to Life for Kids

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University Tutors, Nerdy, and Hasbro are teaming up for Monopoly’s Money Matters Financial Literacy Camp, a live, week-long financial literacy summer camp themed around the classic board game. economics, Monopoly.

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Monopoly’s Money Matters Financial Literacy Camp is an interactive financial literacy camp that gives learners the chance to develop tools for lifelong financial success. The camp offers “expert-led live classes and monopoly-based simulations” to teach budgeting and personal finance, marketing and entrepreneurship, and economics and business strategy.

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Campers ages 9-17 are placed in groups of six to nine and each day an instructor will guide campers through interactive activities, discussions and Monopoly simulations. Campers will create their own “house rules”, properties, cards and Monopoly strategies. After the session, campers can visit the Camp Clubhouse to participate in additional activities, such as quizzes, printable activities and more.

Week-long camp sessions begin in June and last through August for two hours each day and cost $250 per camper.

According to a survey by the U.S. National Endowment for Financial Education, 88% of adults believe their state should require a one-semester or one-year personal finance course to graduate, Varsity Tutors noted in a news release from the company. A study by the Investor Education Foundation also found that American adults have “low levels” of financial literacy.

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“Monopoly is known as the world’s most iconic board game, but it’s also a timeless tool for introducing kids to the fundamentals of personal finance,” Brian Galvin, director of studies at Varsity Tutors, said in a statement. company press releases. “A number of real-life financial concepts and scenarios are incorporated into the game of Monopoly, making it a fun and entertaining way to teach children about the mechanics of money.”

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