Ohio Department of Commerce Encourages Financial Literacy in Youth

MUSKINGUM COUNTY, Ohio – Young people across the state of Ohio may not be receiving the best financial knowledge.

The Ohio Department of Commerce hopes to change that narrative with different kinds of resources for high school graduates.

Two ways recent graduates and college students make mistakes are confusion around debt and not having savings.

Viktoria Jurkovic, chief consumer officer at the Ohio Department of Commerce, says discussions about money shouldn’t be kept away from young people.

“I hope the young people out there now, whether it’s in high school or college, learn from the mistakes of their parents or the mistakes of our past. Financial literacy has always been like ‘hush-hush, we don’t talk about money’, and it really should be quite the opposite, so I always stress to people that we should be implementing financial literacy strategies from the age of 3 .

Local communities and universities can register and apply for grants through the division to help fund financial literacy courses. Starting early allows young people to understand finances and not see money as an uncomfortable subject.

“So I just want to let people know that it’s not taboo to talk about money. We should talk about it and we should help each other make better, wiser decisions. Because your friends might know something that you don’t know and why keep this silent We want to share the knowledge and we want to make sure people are saving and investing if they can or if they have low incomes and tight budgets how can we continue to give some advice that will make them feel like maybe they can put some money aside or have an emergency fund built up,” she said.

The Ohio Department of Commerce also plans to add posters at colleges on financial literacy in the near future.

For more information and resources for Ohioans, visit consumerfinance.gov.