Portage City Hall presents its 2022 financial plan – PortageOnline.com

At tonight’s city council, the 2022 financial plan was presented.

Finance, Legislation and Property Committee Chair Brent Budz said the city is leveraging the budget to invest in its infrastructure, the Saskatchewan Ave West project, and more. The unionization of RCMP members, however, threw a wrench into the council’s property tax plan.

“We had to deal with higher than expected expenses for RCMP operating costs and retroactive pay,” Budz says. “So the municipalities have planned for this, and we have also done it as a municipality, but the increases have been greater than what we had planned.”

The city must pay $500,000 for the unionization of the RCMP. This means that for a residential property valued at $250,000, the increase will be $77, and for commercial properties valued at $500,000, they will face an increase of $191.

The 2022 tax payment deadline is Friday, July 29. You can come to City Hall in person, drop the check at the City Hall drop box, mail the check-in, or make an e-Transfer.

Budz goes into great detail about what excites him most about blueprints.

“I’ve been doing this for a while now and I’ve kept talking about the infrastructure that the city continues to invest in and we’ve seen a lot of that come to fruition,” Budz notes. “People don’t see the work brewing on our side of public services.”

The budget will total $39,267,000 and 53% of this amount will be used for government grants. Revenues from public services amount to $20,422,000 and expenses total $13,528,000.