QNET launches financial literacy education programs in vulnerable communities

QNET’s FinGreen financial education program was launched as a pilot program in Turkey and Nigeria. The program aims to increase financial inclusion for marginalized communities and address the financial challenges young adults face when they lack the knowledge and confidence to successfully manage their finances.

FinGreen operates on the basis of three pillars: assess, train and defend. Working with local experts, FinGreen determines the most effective way to implement the training, then delivers the training by qualified and vetted teachers, and finally commits to creating a sustainable program to induce a ripple effect of financial literacy throughout the community.

“Financial literacy is a key skill for individuals, especially young people,” said Malou Caluza, CEO of QNET. “Higher mobile phone penetration and earlier adoption of technology services mean that the younger generation is likely to be exposed to more financial products than their parents. They have access to banking facilities, payment platforms and financial services at a younger age. Developing their skills and giving them a sound financial understanding will give young people the tools they need to make smart and informed decisions about their finances, such as managing their savings or planning their budget responsibly.