‘Richer Lives Ready Warriors’ launches its six-week financial literacy and enrichment program under the theme ‘Got Your Six’

Phoenix, Ariz. – (Newsfile Corp. – June 30, 2022) – American financial readiness training organization Richer Lives Ready Warriors is launching its interactive, engaging and practical financial literacy and enrichment program for current and retired military personnel . The initiative equips serving and retired military members with the skills to manage their finances and spending habits through various training methods. These methods include speeches and workshops, employer literacy initiatives and financial advice, under the direction of Frank A. Molinar, certified financial planner and author of the book “Financial Dominance”.

“Humanity is not meant to do anything alone. We as individuals are not meant to do anything alone. We need each other in our lives. Although the army has a strong brotherly infrastructure, there is a problem when you turn to your combat buddies for financial advice.In the army, there is standardized training for all aspects of the armed forces, at the exception of money. My mission is to fill that gap by teaching veterans how to effectively create and manage that money, ultimately helping them build a life instead of making a living,” says Frank A. Molinar, trainer and author of Financial Dominance.

The message from the employer initiative “Got your six” aims to build a better financial future for veterans through six hours of training delivered over six weeks to delve into six key elements of personal finance. Speeches and workshops are also used to simplify the concepts of money management and spending plan through hands-on sessions. These are based on case studies and Molinar’s own personal experiences designed to cultivate a culture of wealth and responsibility. Employer literacy initiatives also benefit the employer by building the financial resilience of their workforce. The addition of the individual counseling component allows each participant to have their own personalized action to capture their true financial potential.

“When people leave the military, many find it difficult to know what the next steps should be. They have always had their task defined for them in their career. So when they leave the service, they must understand that this mission is personal, where they must take ownership of their future. This mission is theirs, and they must be empowered, see the vision, and plan for all the moves ahead,” added Frank A. Molinar.

Richer Lives Ready Warriors has paved the way for the next step in its mission to educate people around the world by releasing the book “Financial Dominance” written by Frank A. Molinar himself. His financial readiness training was created to capture the imagination of today’s military and set them on a journey to financial resilience, confidence and dominance for a lifetime and beyond.

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