Student Ambassadors Spread Financial Literacy Knowledge to Penn State Students

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pennsylvania — In honor of Financial Literacy Month in April, the Sokolov-Miller Family Financial and Life Skills Center is inviting Penn State undergraduate students to consider applying to become Student Ambassadors for the year. university 2022 and in the future. The center hires students for this part-time role each semester, and Ambassadors educate their peers across the University on financial literacy.

“Student Ambassadors play a vital role in helping the center equip students with financial literacy knowledge, tools and resources,” said Daad Rizk, director of the center. “We love our student ambassadors and we could not fulfill our mission without them.

Student ambassadors come to the center from many different university colleges. The center trains them to impart financial literacy knowledge to their peers, and ambassadors impart that knowledge in one-on-one meetings as well as presentations to Penn State classes. Ambassadors work with students at each Penn State campus (in-person and remotely with students at University Park Campus, and remotely with students at Commonwealth Campuses and Penn State World Campus).

Aidan Kamowski, a sophomore from Harrisburg who has worked as a student ambassador since August 2021, spoke highly of the role.

“I love coming to my job every day,” said Kamowski, who is majoring in supply chain and information systems at Smeal College of Business. “The center gave me the opportunity to talk about money, which is one of my favorite things, but also to build relationships with colleagues who are really nice and genuine.”

Like all Student Ambassadors, Kamowski meets with students individually and gives presentations on various personal finance topics to Penn State classes whose instructors request the service. He also carries out special projects – such as a meal plan budgeting tool he created for students, of which he is particularly proud – and engages in outreach on behalf of the center, ensuring a presence at events such as as the welcome week and the orientation of new students.

Kamowski said the role also taught him the intricacies of personal finance. He learned, for example, the importance of staying vigilant against identity theft, as it is one of the most common crimes in the United States. “A new case of identity theft occurs every two seconds in the United States,” he explained.

This role helped hone his public speaking skills and taught him how to put people at ease while discussing sensitive, personal, and sometimes uncomfortable topics, which he says describe many personal finance topics.

Although Kamowski himself is a bit of a whiz at personal finance, he pointed out that students don’t need extensive experience in the field to be successful as an ambassador.

“Don’t feel intimidated to take on this role if you’re not a finance major or don’t have extensive business experience,” he said. “Students in any major can do this job well. This is a great opportunity to gain wonderful experiences.

Students at the University Park campus who wish to apply to become Student Ambassadors can find open positions throughout the summer and during the academic year on Penn State’s WorkLion platform. The center plans to hire new Ambassadors this summer to begin work in the fall 2022 semester. If students have questions or want additional information, they can contact the center at [email protected]

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