TTCU Announces New Partnership on Financial Literacy to Benefit Schools | Schools

The TTCU Federal Credit Union has partnered with Zogo Classroom to provide financial literacy tools to teachers across Oklahoma State at no cost to schools. Zogo Classroom is an online platform that turns learning financial literacy into a game, with fun and engaging graphics. It allows students to test their knowledge by guiding them through real situations surrounding personal finance.

“We are excited to continue our partnership with Oklahoma schools in providing a new option for teaching financial literacy in the classroom,” said TTCU President and CEO Tim Lyons. “Zogo Classroom has a fun and fresh feel that will appeal to students and teachers alike.”

Zogo Classroom provides small, flexible content that can be inserted directly into existing lesson plans or used to create something new. It has in-app student progress tracking tools and allows teachers to create a class leaderboard.

“I would tell any teacher considering Zogo Classroom that our platform is designed to meet students where they are,” said Bolun Li, Founder and CEO of Zogo. “In this increasingly digital world, where attention spans seem shorter than ever, Zogo Classroom is a tool that will not only teach students the essential skills needed to succeed as adults, but it will entertain them and will also entertain them.”

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