U.S. Consulate General in Hyderabad Launches Financial Education Program for Women

Published: Publication date – 16:50, Thu – 7 Apr 22

Hyderabad: The US Consulate General in Hyderabad has launched a financial education and planning program for women working in conjunction with the non-profit organization Yugantar and in partnership with the Telangana Domestic Workers Union.

Titled “Budget Rani,” 25 domestic workers participated in the opening program and over the next six months, the program will train 250 women in essential financial skills that will help them manage their family finances more effectively.

A one-day workshop offered capacity and skill building sessions to help participants manage their finances effectively and helped them better understand their savings and assets. It also included items on interest rates, loans and savings, safe ways to borrow and save, investment options and risks involved, pensions, insurance schemes and way to identify scams.

Dave Moyer, public affairs officer at the US Consulate General in Hyderabad, said that “when women have more control over their personal and family finances, the whole family sees the benefits, including better access to health services and education”.

Navika Harshe, Program Manager Budget Rani, emphasized the need to make the field of financial planning accessible to all sections of society and especially working women.

Tejaswini Madabhushi, CEO of Yugantar, added, “We aim to expand it to include more women using digital technology, including an app and setting up a helpline to provide comprehensive financial solutions.” .