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West Kelowna Council set the tax increase at 4.0% in passing the 2022 budget and five-year financial plan by-law at its regular meeting on Tuesday, April 5.

The increase will result in a total net operating budget of $38.9 million. This equates to an average of an additional $81 in taxes for the year per household, for a total municipal portion of $2,281 for 2022.

The calculation is based on the average assessed value of $866,277. The actual amount for each home will vary depending on its assessed value.

“Our 2022 budget and five-year financial plan reflect the board’s ongoing commitment to capital and operating priorities that include community input as we work together to make West Kelowna the place to be.” be,” said Mayor Gord Milsom.

The budget also includes a 2.4% increase for policing and a 1% infrastructure tax. The mayor also pointed out that the city is growing at a rapid pace and that a sustainable approach must be applied to financial planning.

“This is a fiscally responsible budget that demonstrates council action to increase West Kelowna RCMP membership, increase active transportation, design and build long overdue facilities, and advance many others. community and council priorities,” he added.

An updated growth projection of 1.75% is now 2.5%. This generated an additional $274,000 in discretionary funds. In total, the growth created $914,000 in additional revenue that was used both for transfers to reserves and to ease the tax burden.

The city’s capital budget for 2022 is $25.5 million, including $10 million for water service, $3.5 million for roads and pedestrian infrastructure, $1.7 million for dollars for sewer services, $5.6 million for facility operation and the new No. 32 fire station, and $640,000 for fire protection. Improvements to eight city parks are estimated at $1 million.

The budget was also aligned with the board’s strategic priorities for 2022.

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