Financial literacy is important for the financial growth of every individual. Financial literacy is the knowledge of managing your finances, debts, investments and savings. This education allows you to make informed decisions, which have a direct relationship with your financial stability if not a financial goal. Components of Financial LiteracyRead More →

In partnership with Jennifer Barrett, President of Comerica Bank LGBT Business Resource Group No matter how much you earn, financial literacy is an essential life skill. Financial issues affect everyone, and members of the LGBTQ+ community face disproportionate challenges. According to a recent survey published by Experian, 62% of LGBTQ+Read More →

THE Department of Education (DepEd), in partnership with Rizal Commercial Banking Corp. (RCBC), launched “DiskarTech-Aralin sa Madiskarteng Pananalapi”, a financial literacy program for secondary school teachers and learners. Financial literacy is included in DepEd’s initiative to include financial lessons in its K-12 curriculum. The DiskarTech program digitizes the concept ofRead More →

New study from Security Benefit finds educators prefer learning how to manage their finances from financial advisors over other methods TOPEKA, Kan., June 21, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–According to new research from Security Benefit, a leading provider of retirement planning products and solutions in the K-12 education market, more than half (52%)Read More →

Financial literacy awareness will not prepare a plan member for retirement! Having knowledge about what it takes to have financial literacy awareness isn’t always power, especially when it comes to achieving financial wellness. First, individuals need to understand their negative behaviors when it comes to managing their money. Next, individualsRead More →

Scharfenberger bill will increase financial literacy in New Jersey classrooms Middletown, New Jersey – MP Gerry Scharfenberger (R-Monmouth) introduced legislation (A4355) that will increase financial literacy in all New Jersey high schools with the inclusion of courses focused on the impact of loan underwriting as well as how to ensureRead More →

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has officially signed into law a plan to add a financial literacy course to the state’s high school curriculum. House Bill 5190introduced by State Rep. Diana Farrington (R-Utica), adds a half-credit personal finance course as a requirement for high school graduation, beginning with ninth graders inRead More →

The role of financial literacy in an economy should not be underestimated. As former Associate Professor, Mark Graham of the UCT Graduate School of Business points out, the benefits of financial literacy are manifold, “from helping households manage their budget and savings to enabling entrepreneurs to embark on enterprise ofRead More →

History links Student-athletes in South Carolina got a few lessons on how to manage their money on Monday as Founders Federal Credit Union provided financial education through the Beyond Sports professional development program and department summer internships. athletics. Financial Education and Business Development Manager Felicia Pope spokeRead More →

Singapore, 14 June 2022… The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), in partnership with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), today launched an open education program and action plans for micro, small and medium-sized (MSMEs) in Asia and Africa. Known as the SME Financial EmpowermentRead More →

KARACHI: Small traders on Friday called the 2022-23 federal fiscal budget an “IMF financial blueprint,” saying it offers “very little” for small businesses. The coalition government’s fiscal budget 2022-23, with an expenditure of 9.5 trillion rupees, has failed to attract small entrepreneurs as it also ignores the cottage industry, tradersRead More →

British Columbia’s stable and continued credit ratings show key stakeholders in the financial community are validating the province’s fiscal plan to invest in the services people need and build a strong, sustainable future for British Columbia Despite major world events that have increased inflationary pressures and spared no province orRead More →

Jenkins Elementary School’s Leader-in-Me Financial Literacy Mentorship Program Teaches Students Essential Financial Literacy Skills John D. Jenkins Elementary School, in partnership with the National Coalition of 100 Black Women Prince William County Chapter, Inc., (NCBW/PWCC), hosted the Leader-in-Me-Leadership financial literacy program, a program mentorship for elementary students. . During theRead More →

NEWARK, New Jersey— The following press release is courtesy of United Community Corporation. Learn more about posting announcements or events to your local Patch site. United Community Corporation offers financial stability workshops directly to Newark residents. This three-part series, which will run all summer long, will cover finances, employment andRead More →

Rising gas prices. Inflation continues. Finances are definitely a priority for many people these days as they feel pressure on their wallets. This year, the inflation rate hit its highest level since 1981, leaving many individuals and families worried about their financial security. When individuals and families have a strongRead More →

From Adanna Nnamani, Abuja A Financial technology (FinTech) company, Equity, has shone the spotlight on the Nigerian financial industry and the benefits of e-commerce. He also revealed steps to revolutionize the country’s FinTech space as well as plans and strategies to bring three million Nigerians to financial literacy. Its CountryRead More →

More … than $400,000 in grants from Santander Consumer UNITED STATES Inc. Foundation supports New Friends New Life and Genesis Women’s Shelter & Support DALLAS, June 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Santander Consumer UNITED STATES Inc. (“SC”) helps victims of domestic violence find financial freedom and funds an initiative to removeRead More →

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–June 3, 2022– Today, unu, an all-in-one banking and insurance solution, announced a new milestone by surpassing 100,000 subscribers on its waiting list ahead of its launch this summer. Designed for and by Americans of modest means, Onuu offers personalized membership, uniquely designed to meet the needs ofRead More →

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, unu, an all-in-one banking and insurance solution, announced a new milestone by surpassing 100,000 subscribers on its waiting list ahead of its launch this summer. Designed for and by Americans of modest means, Onuu offers personalized membership, uniquely designed to meet the needs of each end user,Read More →

KOLKATA: The state Department of Women’s and Children’s Development and Welfare and UNICEF on Thursday launched several action plans to curb the high rate of child marriages reported in the state. The action plans were launched after the National Family Health Survey (NFHS-5) indicated that at 41.6%, Bengal, along withRead More →

Oith recent stock market volatility and uncertainties in the economy, tensions are running high in a number of areas, especially as the rights of women and LGBTQ citizens are also under threat. The impact of nullifying marriage equality as a constitutional right would not only impact our personal lives, butRead More →

To further help promote sustainable financial behavior and financial literacy among Filipinos, consumer finance company Home Credit Philippines (HCPH), Manila Broadcasting Company (MBC) and local independent media agency PraXis have signed an agreement to produce a live radio show on DZRH. and its sister stations across the archipelago. This dailyRead More →

Financial literacy is a key enabler of sustainable national and global socio-economic growth There is a significant shift in attitude towards managing personal finances in Saudi Arabia, largely driven by a young population. The next generation wants to save, invest and better manage their finances and now has more resourcesRead More →

CONTRIBUTED CONTENT — If your kids aren’t learning budgeting and healthy money habits just yet, there’s no better time to start than today. Stock image | Photo by AaronAmat/iStock/Getty Images Plus, St. George News To celebrate April as National Financial Literacy Month, State Bank of Southern Utah reached out toRead More →

A A comprehensive financial plan can ease a client’s mind and reduce anxiety about their short and long term finances. Studies show that people feel more secure when they have a documented holistic financial plan like The Bucket Plan® to fall back on. The solution to any individual’s economic puzzleRead More →

Yangyel Lhaden When stakeholders came together to formulate a national policy for the elderly in Bhutan in Thimphu on May 19, everyone agreed on the need for financial security for the elderly population and recommended a pension plan. Stakeholders included representatives of Zhung Dratshang, the armed forces, non-governmental organizations, civilRead More →

Financial inclusion remains the first step towards personal and professional well-being and is a prerequisite for achieving several goals under the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Despite this, more than half of the world has yet to gain equitable access to finance and this remains one of the greatest challengesRead More →

Parents, especially those from lower-income households, said they were doing much better financially last year, and the government’s expansion of child tax credits may have played a big part. in this regard. That’s according to a Federal Reserve report, based on the annual National Survey of the Economy and HouseholdRead More →

Financial literacy is all the rage these days, with states like Florida becoming one of the newest and biggest states to mandate personal finance courses for high school students. That’s probably a good thing, too, because nearly every worker in the United States is stressed about money and a possibleRead More →