Pennsylvania offers free financial literacy training to new moms and moms-to-be | Pocono Update

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By Jared Acosta

There’s no doubt that parenthood is a non-stop adventure, no matter how old your children are. However, things can become particularly overwhelming for new mothers who may be in the early stages of acquiring all the necessary resources or who lack proper support systems and struggle financially. To help ease some of the stress, Pennsylvania is launching a new program to educate new mothers and mothers-to-be about managing their money more effectively.

According to a statement from the Pennsylvania Department of Banking and Securities (DoBS), the new program, called “The Moms on the Money (MOM) Trail,” is a ten-week free online course that teaches financial tips and techniques in a way proactive. approach to poverty alleviation. The program will cover a variety of financial topics, including creating budgets and spending plans, short- and long-term savings and investing, credit, and preventing fraud and scams. It is a partnership between DoBS, the Pennsylvania Department of Insurance and the Pennsylvania Treasury. It is primarily based on a similar collaboration between the DoBS and the Pocono Region Nurse-Family Partnership of the Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN).

“Major life events can be an opportune time to assess your personal financial capability and seek out relevant, credible and factual information to build that knowledge,” Banking and Securities Secretary Richard Vague said. “The department and our partners remain committed to ensuring that all Pennsylvanians are empowered to make wise financial decisions, regardless of life stage.”

Anyone interested in learning more about the Moms on the Money Trail program can do so by contacting [email protected].

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