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Rock Hill, SC executives agree to county financial plan to keep Panthers facilities on track

ROCK HILL, SC (WBTV) – City of Rock Hill leaders agree with York County’s agreement to keep the Carolina Panthers’ training facility and headquarters on track.

Earlier this month, construction at the site halted after Tepper Sports said the City of Rock Hill failed to make its initial payment.

Rock Hill town leaders agree with York County’s agreement to keep the Carolina Panthers’ training facility and headquarters on track.

The resolution to support York County’s financial plan was not on the agenda at the Rock Hill City Council meeting Monday night. However, at the end of the meeting, the members went into executive session.

Subsequently, WBTV obtained a copy of a resolution that basically says the members support moving forward with the new financial plan outlined in the county resolution.

“For years, the City has provided, contractually and otherwise, substantial cooperation, rights, financial and other incentives for the project. The city supports the restart of construction and project developments and the goals of the county resolution,” the Rock Hill City Council resolution reads in part.

In a statement, York County leaders expressed their gratitude to Rock Hill City Council for their unanimous support of the resolution at Monday’s meeting.

“York County is eager to see this historic project move forward and construction to resume on the site,” county leaders said. “We will continue to work diligently with our partners in the city and the Carolina Panthers to make this development a success.”

Last week, York County Council offered a deal under which the Panthers and Tepper Sports would pay the money for the training facility and headquarters in return for tax credits. They would also have more time to complete the project.

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The original deal called for the City of Rock Hill to pay $20 million and essentially borrow $225 million in bonds that were never issued. The $800 million facility was supposed to be completed in 2023, but it’s unclear if that’s still the schedule.

This agreement only includes the training center and team headquarters. It does not include any other hotel, restaurant or office.

The next step is for David Tepper to sign the deal. So far, despite repeated attempts, the organization has not commented on the county’s proposed financial plan.

NFL owners are in Florida this week for meetings and WBTV press partners at the Rock Hill Herald say Tepper refused to speak on the team on the record.

In October 2020, the Carolina Panthers revealed renderings of their new headquarters and training facility in Rock Hill.

It was a joint revelation of the Panthers, York County and the City of Rock Hill. The mixed-use site was designed to accommodate Tepper Sports & Entertainment and become a destination for people from across the region.

When complete, the development is expected to include restaurants, retail, a healthcare facility, apartments, hotels, trails and offices.

The facility is also expected to include a 120,000 square foot indoor practice facility, a 113,000 square foot multipurpose sports and entertainment venue, and outdoor practice grounds. The indoor training ground features 80-foot-tall opening glass doors and can accommodate sporting events and games, concerts, and other corporate events.

Among the team’s amenities will be a 20,000 square foot weight room, a 6,000 square foot locker room and a 5,000 square foot hydrotherapy room to help with player rehabilitation and recovery. .

The main public areas of the development site are highlighted by “The Park”. It is the 5,000-seat multi-purpose outdoor stadium designed to host events such as high school football games, football games, concerts, etc.

“The Grove” is the site’s open space that features a series of reflecting pools, lighting and landscape.

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